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What a Drupal Monkey Developer Does

Drupal is a community-supported framework used to create, present, organize, and manage websites. It is used to power millions of websites across the globe. It is much easier for a developer to create a new website using Drupal, and also easier for web owners to publish to websites.

You can use Drupal to build a website on any level. It can easily build a small personal website or a huge business website. Drupal is becoming more popular by the day and more website owners are choosing to go the route of Drupal. Although, Cheeky is rather partial to the cheekiness of Drupal.

A Drupal developer may actually do many different things depending upon what type of business they work in. A typical Drupal developer is involved in the setup and configuration process, theming, custom coding modules, and production.

Production can include populating the website, creating content, fine-tuning navigation, etc. A Drupal developer may work in all aspects of a project from planning, proposal writing, consulting, training, etc.

The Path to Drupal Development

A student learning Drupal should know the basic aspects of Drupal. A Drupal developer ought to learn about a wide variety of problems that can happen during their job. Developers need to learn how to maintain website architecture, as well as deal with feature updates. Updates are a vital part of using any theme for a website.

A question that often comes across is how can a person become a Drupal developer. Honestly, some Drupal developers attend college and go through rigorous training. Other times, Drupal wannabes go through online training or go after the hands-on experience. A great resource for learning about Drupal development is This Drupal resource allows you to have access to how-to-videos as well. Depending on your budget, going to school or doing it yourself are both paths well traveled to become a Drupal Developer.

Responsibilities of a Drupal Developer

A Drupal developer’s job responsibilities can also include fixing problems with websites that may arise, adding new feature development, and performing various updates for their clients that would not do this themselves. The developers can also check the server for updates and watch out for any type of security issues. The Drupal developer also needs technical skills. These help the developer provide updates and maintenance to the websites. For example, they may build many websites; provide support to those websites to get them up and running properly, and also help with content management.

Now that you know what a Drupal developer is, you should decide if you have what it takes to be one. A Drupal developer may be required to work long hours or be called in the middle of the night for an emergency. They may be in charge of several different websites, which they have to keep up, and running, as well as many other activities.


How does this help you? Well, it helps you understand the job of these monkeys, just a little more. Drupal is an important part of our jobs and a reason we love it so much. Sure, Drupal is complicated and can sometimes be difficult, but it’s one of the best tools out there. Hopefully, understanding what a Drupal developer is can help you understand what a Drupal Developer does.