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Iteration and WebOps graphic

Ongoing Web Operations is an effective way to manage the digital part of your business. Organizations are noticing that websites are a living thing, and they need their own WebOps team to feed and keep them ALIVE. Embracing WebOps allows organizations to evolve and grow their online presence, prompt responses to what is going on in the exact moment and increase their traffic. Each company has its own needs. It can be an analysis and improvement of the SEO, how Google is reading the page, maintaining things working, or looking for those not working and or Updates of Apps and security. On the design side, it can be an update based on analytics, making sure it’s not being changed only for personal satisfaction.

Importance of Ongoing Iteration

Things are moving fast, especially in the tech industry. There are so many things that your website needs in order to stay up to date. Nothing better than having a team working on ongoing web operations. 

You don’t need to have a full WebOps team.

Let’s get the best of everyone! You have someone from IT looking into your website every now and then; and or, you have the person from marketing that can create and post on our website. It is awesome that you have someone taking care of these things, but do you think it is enough? Cheeky Monkey Media has put together a WebOps team where you will be able to use and abuse in order to improve and evolve your web/digital activities. 

What a WebOps team looks like

A WebOps team doesn’t have a standard formation. It is very important that each team is thought out carefully, so it works at its best aiming at your company’s goals. WebOps is a highly collaborative team of people with different skill sets, working together to pursue company website goals. With a singular purpose and a wide but complementary set of skills, a WebOps team is able to handle many changes, iterations, and upgrades without having to completely tear down and rebuild a website.


Do you want to know more about WebOps? Download our whitepaper here or contact us here.