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What is a Website Audit banner

Your website needs to make your job easier, not harder.

Don’t you agree?

Chances are, your website is running on a content management system (CMS). If we had to guess which one, it would be a coin flip between WordPress or Drupal.

Were we right? After all, those are the top CMS platforms in the world.

cms logos

They are both equally amazing at what they do, the problem is, they quickly become outdated or just plain set up wrong in the first place.

Core updates come out daily / weekly / monthly for both. This is needed to make sure security is up-to-date, keep things running as smoothly as possible, and also add more features/functionality.

These are just the core CMS updates we are talking about…

How about the dozens of plugins and modules that are used? I hope you didn’t forget about those! The same thing applies to each and every one.

The last thing you want is a hacked website with no backup and years of hard work down the drain.

With a website audit, you can discover why your website isn’t performing as well as it should and areas that need to be fixed/improved.

Let’s take a look at just some of the things a website audit might report on:

  • CMS cache turned on
  • CSS and JS aggregation on
  • Contributed plugins up to date or no longer supported
  • XSS, SQL injection issues
  • JS and CSS included correctly
  • Files folder protected
  • Is there a valid SSL certificate
  • Fast 404 Pages

There are a lot of acronyms listed there (quick plug to our dictionary of technical terms to check out), but suffice to say, if your website isn’t hitting the mark on these, your business could suffer from potentially costly website security, stability and performance issues in the form of increased costs or lost opportunities/revenue.

We have built a robust, proprietary tool that helps us perform in-depth reports on hundreds of different aspects of your website.

These reports are extremely cost-efficient and allow you to make informed decisions, which will help you prioritize what needs to be done next.

Imagine having a checklist of top priority things that have been identified which you can just work your way down from.

Well… We can provide you with that checklist.

Start a conversation with us today and find out more.