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We like to say that we can build anything in Drupal. But, is this really true? Let’s find out.

Agency Websites

This one is fairly easy since Cheeky Monkey Media is built using Drupal.

Media Websites

One of the largest is But there are plenty of others, check out this crazy long list on —

Charity Websites

This is one of the biggest markets for Drupal. The San Francisco SPCA is a great example of a non-profit site that also takes charitable donations.

Celebrity Websites

This also seems to be a very popular use of Drupal. Just a few examples include:

Bruno Mars –

Lady Gaga –

Pitbull –

University Websites

Higher education is a huge market for Drupal. Some of the more recognized names include Penn State and Stanford Universities, which both host massive web properties using the CMS.

eCommerce Websites

Commerce is the lifeblood of a lot of online sites. Not to worry, Drupal can handle that as well. Using the Commerce module, it is quite possible to build large commerce sites that scale. Some good examples include Dickies and Lush Cosmetics

Auction Websites

Auctions are popular as well. Using Drupal, Commerce and some custom modules we were able to create a very flexible auction site for Livestock Xchange

Community Websites

Tough Mudder is a great example of a community site, where there is a need to tie the community in with events and even a store.

Sports Websites

Like celebrity sites, there are a lot of great sports sites using Drupal. Nascar is a great example.

Corporate Websites

One of my favorite corporate sites is They do a great job of utilizing the CMS to manage their users while getting out of the way so that the purpose of the site takes center stage.


I think everyone can agree that the above examples show some pretty amazing flexibility. Let us know some of your favorite Drupal sites, or perhaps, examples of your own creativity in the Drupal community.