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Tips for Getting Your Business More Google Reviews

One of the key elements that share our buying decisions is online reviews. These provide honest and genuine insights. It’s the digital equal of word-of-mouth review or recommendation. No marketing campaign is more successful than that.

Statistics show that getting online reviews can make or break your business. 91% of consumers admitted that a good review can convince them to support a company. 79% of consumers also revealed that they trust online reviews.

The challenge is getting positive Google reviews for your company. The good news is there are some tips you can follow. One is to collect email addresses at the time of sale. Experts say someone willing to share their contact details had a good experience. There’s a chance they will share their experience. You can do a follow-up after a week and request the consumer to give a review.

It’s also a good idea to tell the customer how much you would appreciate their feedback. Marketing experts say businesses should train their employees to do this. They should be mindful of when and how to ask for feedback. The best way would be when the staff has made some rapport with the customer. They can then request a review of the company. They should do this in a friendly manner.

Social media platforms are great channels for getting reviews. You can post some specific questions about your company’s performance. You can direct followers to leave an online review on the platform of their choice. You can come up with unique ways to do this. For example, you can create a poll about a product or service. They can then vote if they like it or not.