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Drupal’s creator, Dries Buytaert says that Drupal 8, which will be released later this year, will be the “boldest release to date.”

What is going to be so great about it? Well, for starters it will contain elements of the Symfony2Web framework. Drupal will be transforming from a content management system to a unified Web platform. With these platforms, companies can build Web-based services for both internal and business websites.

We as a society have come a long way just in the past ten years. It used to be that companies didn’t have websites at all.

With Drupal, companies will be able to use the same main platform to build multiple sites. For example, a blog, an internet, and even a corporate website.

Another point is that Drupal is more efficient.  Buytaert states, “Because there’s no license fee, but also because instead of having all these different engineers that have different skill sets, we can just make a Drupal team and they can maintain all of our websites.”

Buytaert has high goals for Drupal 8. Right now, Drupal owns two percent of the world’s websites, but he believes that Drupal has the potential to own ten percent.

Elements from Symfony2Web will be incorporated into Drupal 8. Symfony is “written in a more modern way and they have few architectural choices that they do differently,” states Buytaert. He expects Drupal and Symfony to live “in harmony.” He plans to hold training on Drupal to teach people how to use it.

Now his goal is enterprising while competing with organizations like Adobe and Sitecore. Buytaert states that by having Drupal 8, they will “close some of these gaps, and in some ways, we’ll leapfrog them.”

Drupal is aimed at bigger websites. Smaller sites usually use WordPress. This is positive for Drupal because they never need to compete with WordPress.

Buytaert states that Drupal 8 “will determine Drupal’s future for the next five years.” This, however, doesn’t mean that Drupal 9 won’t be released for five years, but just that people need to get used to Drupal 8 first.

Drupal’s creator is excited about the future. “I really think we’ve built the best CMS for enterprise systems,” he states.