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So you have finally decided to create a new website, but you soon realize there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million things for you to understand and organize before you can get started.

For instance, do you have a domain name? Hosting? Content plan? (you do know what a content plan is, right?) And I just know you have already picked out a Content Management System… yes?

Perhaps you are wondering, “why can’t I simply build a website now, and worry about the details later?” “Isn’t knowing what I want my logo to look like and picking out a color scheme enough?”

In a word… NO!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ― Benjamin Franklin

I know it is human nature to want to create, as that is where we are able to see our dreams come to life. But, if you have ever built anything in your life, then you understand the best practice is to have a plan in place first, as luck favors the prepared.

“But, I don’t understand all this geek stuff… you guys do”

Well, it is a good thing that you have decided to go with an experienced web development shop then, because we do this “stuff” all the time, and our Monkeys certainly have the expertise to help you plan.

“Are you sure I need all of this? It seems like a waste of money.”

It may seem like a lot of money to properly plan for your website, but until you have dedicated a year of your life and a healthy budget going down the wrong path, you may not realize this until it is too late. This is why you need professional assistance from a reputable company. By taking the proper steps right away, you will save money in the long run. “Measure twice, cut once”.

Strategic, in-depth planning takes time and dedication. It is crucial for you to be fully aware of what your business needs are for your website, and to understand the goals you and your business are trying to achieve with your online presence.

Here is an idea of some common questions we would ask (and you should be asking yourself):  “Who is your user going to be?”  “What will they be using the site for?”  “What will you be using the site for?” And just as importantly, “How do we measure and track these things?”

While the look and feel of your website are important, a design without purpose is a complete waste of time and budget. With a strong, experienced Drupal developer, you plan the User Experience FIRST, then prepare your designs to support this plan.

Walk before you run, think before you speak, and most assuredly, plan before you act.