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This week is just a little off the monkey topic of Drupal and WordPress. Before you begin your web design or development process, you should really dig into the idea of ensuring you choose the best domain name for your website. If you haven’t already bitten the bullet on your domain name, then make sure you check out these ape-mazing tips.

#1. Be Unique

In the world of SEO and keywords, it can be incredibly hard to be unique in everything you do. But a website domain name is one way to be unique in your business. Take our business name, for example, Cheeky Monkey Media, It’s unique and has a nice monkey ring to it.

#2. Brand

Your domain name should match your brand. This really helps people understand who you are and what you do. Of course, when everything matches your brand it’s also easier to put a true website together. Cheeky Monkey Media is a bunch of web development and Drupal monkeys. We’re branded that way. Follow the pattern because it’s a good one.

#3. Don’t Be Shifty

Think long and hard about the domain name you want before you buy it. So many people will buy domain names and then jump back and forth about it. It’s easier if you make a final decision and stick with it. Also, if you can get the .com or .ca version of your domain name, then visitors seem to take it a little more seriously.

#4. Keep it Catchy

There is a fad going around with website domains. They’ll call it “St.” This is catchy and people who are in the Saint Louis area looking for a dentist will find you. However, don’t be surprised if people think that’s what your business name is. Keep your domain catchy, but don’t confuse people.

#4. Live Up To Your Name

Our domain name is Cheeky Monkey Media. When someone calls us and we act like a jerk that doesn’t really go with our name or brand. We’re all about being Cheeky and of course acting like a Drupal monkey.

#5. Don’t Follow the Crowd

For the love of peeled bananas, stop doing everything everyone else is doing. There are reasons people are doing the same thing, but change it up and take a chance. Spell things correctly and remember that just because everyone else is doing it, it does not mean it’s the right way! Don’t use numbers or hyphens because that makes your website even harder to understand.

That’s about all the advice we have for you monkeys regarding a domain name. Keep it real and stay true to your brand. And remember that Drupal is a kick-butt way to bring your web domain to life.