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Branding in Digital Marketing | Cheeky Monkey Media

A company without a digital presence will get nowhere fast. But even a website and a social media account won’t help if your branding is at odds with your digital marketing.

Digital marketing has been growing by leaps and bounds. It has taken the lion’s share of today’s marketing methods. Experts say companies should allot 7% to 8% of their gross revenue to marketing. Of that allotment, 50% should go to branding in digital marketing.

What is Branding in Digital Marketing?

Your brand is your company’s identity. It’s the story and message your clients identify with your business. This is your company name and logo. But it also goes beyond that. It’s also its aesthetic, voice, and the experience you’re giving your market.

Conventional branding is still alive and well. There’s no denying that branding in digital marketing is the way to go though. This refers to the process of using all the digital assets at your disposal. You’ll use them to create your online brand identity. This digital brand will then become the linchpin of your online marketing strategy.

Why You Need Branding in Digital Marketing

Your company’s digital brand stands for the company’s vision and mission. It represents your company’s reputation. It impacts how people perceive your visuals, customer service, and even your reputation.

The goal here is to ensure all aspects of your brand are working at the highest levels. This means your brand is healthy. Consider companies like Nike or Coca-Cola. Their branding, digital and conventional, are all on point. This is then complemented by their digital marketing strategy. The perfect mix of the two will help your company succeed. Here’s a quick look at how:

  • It Helps You Attract New Customers

Any digital marketing agency worth its salt knows how vital branding is. It will help your company nab new clients. It can also draw in traffic to your website and social media accounts.

Customers will always remember a great brand name or tagline. It’s what they will think of when they need your product. It will also prompt them to refer new clients to you. Let’s say your friend is looking for a good cleaning company. They will refer your business if your brand provides them with a good experience.

There’s power in digital branding. Using it on your website, digital and printed ads will reinforce “top-of-mind awareness.” It’s a state every business craves.

  • Encourages Trust

Trust plays a big role in digital marketing. Millions of consumers are wary of the online brands they engage with and buy from. A professional and consistent digital brand will build credibility. It will also establish trust.

Consumers will buy a product or use a service from a business with a good image. It’s why your digital brand should appear legitimate. It should also look sleek and professional. A customer’s emotional response to your digital brand can boost your company’s value. It can also increase sales.

  • Helps Target the Right Customers

Your digital brand is crucial in defining your target market. Branding in digital marketing can help you narrow down general markets. This refers to consumers looking for products akin to what you’re offering. It can also lock in a specific audience. For example, a customer belonging to a certain income level.

Successful digital branding understands the target market. It then creates an image that communicates the brand’s benefits.

  • Up Your Conversion

Branding in digital marketing ensures your company connects with an ideal image. This covers marketing materials, SEO, and content. Your brand’s visuals and messages will impact how customers view your product. A robust digital marketing method will ensure they will view your brand in a positive light. It will help with conversions and drive revenue up.

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