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Monday Morning Motivation blue banner

Monday Morning Motivation

Ugh, it’s Monday already? What happened to the weekend?

Well, in an effort to start the week on the right foot, here are a few motivational posts, links, and tension breakers. If we can start the week with a laugh and inject a little enthusiasm into a Monday, we’ll be in good shape to keep the Adventures rolling along!

Come on, it’s easy – put one foot forward, and repeat until we reach the destination marker…



Tension Breakers

Gotta love CGI! Will Arnett is cool, too…

Will Arnett Can’t Keep A Straight Face When Talking CGI With Rich Fulcher

We love the Okanagan

More accolades for the Okanagan Valley

A few of us lost our nerve just watching this…

Epic Hill Cycling by Hector Uribe

As they read this, a few guys in the office were nodding and smiling

An Honest Message From Your IT Guy

We love the Muppets and the Beastie Boys. Put them together? Gold!

Muppets/Beastie Boys Mashup


Food for Thought

While this certainly isn’t a laughing matter, the man himself, and all the good he has done has earned a place in our motivational efforts.

What else can be said about last week – the passing of Robin Williams was felt worldwide, and certainly, we here in the Cheeky Monkey office were sad to hear the news. It’s amazing the reach he had, and how many different stories are emerging about the way he positively affected so many lives.

One of our favorites is Norm MacDonald’s Twitter tribute (affectionately dubbed “The Best Robin Williams tribute” by the internet), which describes the (then) rookie comedian’s brush with a comic legend.

We’ll certainly miss the man’s talent and the way he gave laughter to so many. That said, he was also a man struggling with a severe mental disorder, and unfortunately lost his battle. For some of us, that battle is far too familiar, and we’d like to add our voices to the many imploring for more understanding, more compassion, and more help for people suffering from the effects of depression.

If you are struggling, or if you know somebody who is, please reach out for help, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK