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Quick Guide to Automated SEO Reporting

SEO companies put a great deal of value on client trust and satisfaction. One of the best ways to foster trust is to provide comprehensive reports. These serve as a vital communication channel between the agency and the client. It also emphasizes the value of the service provided.

SEO round table reports are crucial to any marketing agency’s work. Creating these reports can be a challenge though. It isn’t easy to collect data for various client projects. It’s harder when you need to collate information from different sources. For example, search rankings and backlinks. It consumes a lot of time and resources. That’s why automated SEO reports are a godsend.

Automated SEO reporting refers to using digital tools to create performance reports. Automation means there’s little manual effort expended. The data gathered is also accurate. This is important for agencies managing several clients. It also saves the SEO agency a lot of time. They can then use their time to carry out marketing strategies. Automation also streamlines communications between the digital marketing agency and its clients. It also ensures on-time delivery of reports.

Setting up an automated SEO reporting process can look daunting. The agency will have to invest some time to set things up. The entire procedure takes only a few steps with the right report builder.

Regardless of the program used, defining KPIs is the first step to creating a report. The SEO company must identify the metrics that align with its client’s goals. For instance, increased web traffic or better conversion rates. The SEO report will include this data.

The SEO marketer can then move to report creation after defining KPIs. The data included in the report must complement the client’s goals. They can connect the client’s Analytics or Search Console accounts to the report builder. They can also determine what template to use for the report.