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Souls Grown Deep is a true and prominent advocate in the black community, inspiring the inclusion of Black Artists from the South in the canon of American Art History. Working alongside Scott since 2016 has been nothing short of a true collaboration between client and agency.

With art, there’s usually far more below the surface than what a person can see. There are usually tremendous histories, stories, and tales. Ensuring that these stories endure, The Souls Grown Deep Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to documenting, researching, preserving, and exhibiting the creations of self-taught African American artists in the southern US regions. Primarily, we work alongside Scott in a WebOps capacity, ensuring that the site is secure and functional, providing a great user experience for visitors to truly experience art from their screens at home.

Having worked alongside Scott at Souls Grown Deep for 8 years, we understand that the website needs to not only be visually appealing but also display imagery at a high standard. We have worked closely with Scott to enhance galleries, images, and how users navigate through artist web pages. Our most recent projects include,

  • Drupal 9 to 10 Upgrades
  • Image enhancement
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Working alongside Image Lab to incorporate Artist URLs to direct users to the Print Shop

In a digital era where most interactions happen online, maintaining a visually appealing and user-friendly website has become a must for all organizations, and Souls Grown Deep is no exception. Leveraging Drupal as a content management system, we’ve partnered with Scott over the years to ensure their website is not just visually attractive but also displays images at a high quality. However, behind this slick interface is a host of complex Drupal maintenance operations that keep the site running seamlessly.

The digital world is a fiercely competitive space, and an attractive website is no longer an optional extra, but a vital necessity. This holds especially true for Souls Grown Deep, an organization that primarily engages in presenting striking and emotionally stirring art pieces. The website’s design, its layout, and most importantly, the quality of displayed images can play a significant role in influencing a visitor’s viewpoint and level of engagement with the organization. Therefore, our collaboration with Scott has always emphasized creating a website that stands out visually, promising a compelling and high-quality digital experience.

For the development of the Souls Grown Deep website, we chose Drupal years ago, a renowned open-source content management system. Its strength lies in its adaptability, ability to scale, and especially, its proficiency in handling intricate, high-resolution imagery, a crucial aspect for an arts-focused entity. Scott and our team have been able to utilize Drupal’s capabilities to craft distinctive artist pages and galleries. These carefully curated spaces allow for the depth and emotional impact of each artwork to be effectively communicated and appreciated. We’ve designed a digital platform that is visually striking, immersive, and reflective of the artistic spirit within each piece.

The collaboration with Scott has been instrumental in the success of Souls Grown Deep’s website. His deep comprehension of the brand’s mission paired with our technical expertise has facilitated the development of a website that accurately mirrors the essence of Souls Grown Deep. This teamwork has produced an interactive, easy-to-navigate platform that does more than just exhibit art—it narrates the captivating stories behind each creation. Scott’s vision combined with our ability to realize it through Drupal’s capabilities has been the cornerstone of this digital success story.

Our collaborative efforts with Scott and dedication to Drupal maintenance culminate in a visually striking, user-friendly accessible site that accurately captures the essence of Souls Grown Deep. More than just aesthetics, it’s the seamless user experience that truly sets the website apart. This success stands as proof that marrying high-quality content with cutting-edge technology can create a digital platform that shines. The role we have played in shaping this journey fills us with immense pride. This ongoing process behind the scenes, despite its challenges, has been a gratifying experience, allowing us to contribute to a digital platform that aptly embodies the organization’s heart and soul.