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Meta and Amazon Work to Make Seller Conversion Easier

Meta and Amazon are collaborating to make the conversion process easier for sellers. They’re doing this using a feature described as the most critical ad product of 2023.

US shoppers can now connect their Instagram and Facebook accounts to Amazon. This will allow them to buy the products they see in their feeds. They don’t even have to leave the social media platforms. Meta says Facebook and IG users can click on ads on their feeds that will give them a unique experience. They can shop within the popular platforms. The process is simpler because they can shop without having to enter their card details. This makes for very easy purchases. It’s because their Amazon Prime accounts are already linked.

Maurice Rahmey of Disruptive Digital described this feature as a game changer. He said its rollout is a big deal because it allows for improved targeting and optimization. Meta will use the details sent from Amazon to show consumers ads. Conversion rates will also see a marked improvement. What’s more, it will enhance ad personalization. Meta can customize an ad’s messaging and product page. They can change it based on whether the account is a Prime member. They can also change and include information like real-time pricing.

Rahmey also noted that the move will help Meta and Amazon generate more revenue. He explained that Meta will receive better advertising signals. Amazon will also receive more transaction fees. They can see more sales on their platform with this new discovery ads engine.

Apple’s privacy changes have made it hard for social media companies to focus on their users. It’s why Meta suffered a big hit to its ad revenue. But the company recovered earlier this year. The improvement is being attributed to SEO updates and the company’s continued use of AI.