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LinkedIn’s Algorithm Update: Extend the Lifespan of Your Top Posts for Months

LinkedIn is gearing up to introduce fresh features and algorithm adjustments. These aim to help users connect with more targeted audiences. The reported changes will ensure posts remain relevant even for months or years.

A recent report mentioned the platform is developing a feature called “suggested posts.” It’s designed to promote relevant content to specific audiences. It will do so long after the initial posting. The feature will collect the entirety of professional knowledge on the platform. It will ensure the content’s visibility whenever it’s needed.

“Suggested posts” is a big algorithmic shift for LinkedIn. It aims to keep older posts alive if they continue to remain relevant.

LinkedIn’s algorithm may recognize content as valuable if it offers insightful perspectives. This type of content could appear in the feeds of users interested in the subject. It can even appear months or years after posting. It’s also regardless of whether the interested user follows the original poster.

The aim is to match users with relevant content based on their immediate needs. The platform will focus on this instead of prioritizing the most recent posts.

The “suggested post” feature is being tested on a limited user base. There’s no definitive timeline for wider implementation.

Two LinkedIn experts cautioned users against algorithmic hacks. They discouraged users from relying on reports claiming to have cracked the algorithm. They cited the dynamic nature of the signals involved. The insiders emphasized that sharing helpful knowledge remains the most effective LinkedIn strategy.

The upcoming changes to the LinkedIn status underscore a big transition. The platform is moving away from being a social network. It is moving towards becoming a knowledge-sharing platform. The longevity of old content through suggested posts is pivotal to this shift. LinkedIn is reportedly also looking into further integration of newsletters and audio features.