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Identifying your client’s needs and being able to address them can lead you to success. But information is nothing if you do not analyze it and make use of it. So start with an open mind and let the ideas flow in. Imagine that you were the customer and you wanted a banana but the store gave you an apple. How would you feel? Wouldn’t it be frustrating? Knowing what your clients want and being able to provide it can spell success or disaster for your website. So, how exactly can you find out what your clients need? Your website is a great place to start in identifying your target market. Through proper web design, you can create a site that not only sells your goods and/or services but also lets you know what your customer requires. Below are some tools that you can add to your site to get customer information:

  1. Surveys or registration forms – When trying to get information from customers, the first thing that may come to mind is asking. Surveys are great at this, although not everyone is willing to answer these. Instead, you can use your registration forms to get an idea of who your customers are and what they are looking for on your site.
  2. Feedback via email – giving out your email address is a great way to receive letters from your clients. In the process, you get to know what matters more to them, helping you improve your service and your products.
  3. Forums and Live Chat – again these are venues where you can hear from customers.

Getting the Right Information

A lot of times, when you get information from your clients, you will need to analyze it to get the right information that you need. Here are some steps that you can take to be able to pinpoint how you can address your client’s needs:

  1. Identify the products and services that you provide.
  2. Based on feedback from clients, list down the things that, currently, you or your site have not been able to address.
  3. Identify the reasons why you or your site has not been able to address these issues.
  4. Prioritize which of these gaps you need to address first and tackle it!

What Do Clients Want?

There are some things that nearly all clients want and these are listed below:

  • Information – If you are selling goods, it is important that your clients learn how to properly use the goods that you are selling. The more satisfied they are with the goods you sold them, the more satisfied they are with you. Similarly, if you are providing service, they have to know when, how, and why your services are beneficial to them.
  • Quality – There are two main things that determine your success: value and the price of the goods or services. Whether you are providing your goods and services at a high or low price, you must match the quality to it.
  • Appreciation – Clients want to feel that they are treated as individuals and not just as a number (Number 1 ordered a pan pizza, number 2 ordered pasta,…). Showing appreciation for your client’s business can be a big plus.

Another way to put your customer first is to conduct buyer personas and create full personas. Click here for more info.

So remain receptive to new and/or different ideas! Everybody and everything has room for improvement. Create a website with a heart!

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