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Hopefully, as a web development company, you are working hard to please your clients. Everyone knows that a company cannot be perfect 100 percent of the time.

However, if at any point you “mess up” with a client, hopefully, you are doing your best to make it right. Before you ask for feedback from a client or partner, make sure you know how to get honest feedback.

#1. Stay on the Same Page

A lot of times miscommunication is one of the biggest issues when it comes to clients and that can lead to not-so-good feedback. So, your job is to have an open communication line from the beginning. Make sure clients know that you are in it to win it and you will not leave them behind.

Too many companies get ahead of themselves and leave their clients behind. If you want to get positive and honest feedback at the end that is worth displaying, then stay on the same page as your clients.

#2. Check Progress

A big mistake that most companies make is not checking the progress during the job. Feedback should not wait until the project is completed. Instead, a project manager or someone on the team should be checking and asking how things are going.

Although this might seem like a waste of time, it’s not. Checking progress helps to build morale between you and the client. If something can be done to fix an issue now, then so be it.

#3. Ask for Feedback

One of the only ways to get honest feedback is to actually ask for feedback. How many times do we get busy and forget to ask for feedback? It’s important to ask for feedback soon after a project ends.

Many companies are working on multiple projects and it’s easy to forget what it was like working with a particular person or company. If you want true and honest feedback, then it’s best to not wait until six months after the project has ended.

#4. Don’t Be Shocked

Now, honest feedback means that you will get exactly that. When you ask for feedback from a client, you should understand that you might not always get what you want. Of course, all workers want a glowing report from their clients, but that is now always the case. In case you do get negative feedback, you should not dwell on it, but instead, you should learn from it.

#5. Smile

What if you worked your butt off for a client and they give you a glowing recommendation? Well, monkeys that are when you bask in your glory and be glad you worked hard for that feedback. So, if you got that honest and positive feedback, then use it to grow your business further. Smile knowing you worked hard and did everything you could to make your client a very cheeky client.

How do you ask for feedback from clients?