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Google’s New Algorithm Emphasizes “Openness” in Local Search Ranking

Google’s latest update sheds light on the importance of a company’s “open” business hours. The company’s newest algorithm is a boon for local search visibility. The concept of “openness” has emerged as a key factor in business rankings.

Understanding the “Openness” Concept

Google updates in SEO refer to a company’s availability as “openness.” This is a business’ perceived “available” or “operating hours.” It’s what Google considers when consumers search for a specific business.

The “openness” concept is a strong factor in local rankings. Google’s recent update saw the company adjusting its local search algorithm. It now places a premium on “openness” and looks at it as a crucial signal. In essence, a company’s stated operating hours now affect its local search results.

There are some potential pitfalls business owners should watch out for. One such pitfall is claiming 24/7 availability.

Businesses that are always open will find this beneficial. They will still rank in the evenings while their rivals disappear.

Experts warn about claiming all-day availability though. False information will have repercussions. Google says manipulating business hours could cause a drop in rankings.

Insiders say the company is still evaluating the usefulness of the “openness” concept. It can still adjust ranking signals.

How to Make the Most of This Concept?

Companies can take advantage of the new algorithm to enhance their search visibility. They can do this by keeping their operating hours updated on Google My Business. They should also provide exact and consistent business information. Their contact details and address must be real and current.

SEO experts should also customize their local marketing strategy. There should be more focus on the idea of “openness.” Companies should also work on engaging consumers who do near-me searches.