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Google Rolls Out New Search Themes for Performance Max

Google is strengthening its Performance Max campaigns with Search Themes. The new feature is giving advertisers more control over AI-driven campaigns. The company says this will help capture more relevant traffic.

Advertisers will have the means to offer more input with Search Themes. The extra data will help guide the AI-powered system in Performance Max campaigns. It’s effective throughout the different Google platforms. This includes Search, YouTube, and Gmail. It also impacts Discover, Maps, and Display.

Search Themes are unique. The current process sees Performance Max relying on the analysis of assets. It also depends on feeds and landing pages. The new Search feature allows advertisers to specify categories relevant to their business. This helps fill in gaps where AI might have a problem. For example, the AI can’t understand information from existing campaign data.

The roll-out gives advertises many benefits to enjoy. This includes capturing overlooked search traffic. It also addresses situations like incomplete product details on landing pages. It can also promote new holiday promotions without past data. Advertisers are also ensured comprehensive coverage of critical business themes.

Advertisers can add up to 25 search themes within a Performance Max campaign. The themes work the same way as phrases and broad match keywords in regular Search campaigns. But brand exclusions and account-level negative keywords are still applicable.

Advertisers can also install Search Themes at the ad group level. This lets AI match relevant search queries and placements with the themes. The effect is a wider reach. It will even cover inventory deemed irrelevant.

Performance Max campaigns use Google’s AI to find high-performing ad placements. This is across search, display, Gmail, and the like. It optimizes based on conversion data.

Google introduced the Performance Max in 2020. It simplified campaign management to an untold degree. It’s because advertisers only need to input budget and assets.