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Google Reveals New Cryptocurrency Ad Policy Set to Take Effect in 2024

Cryptocurrency has been a polarizing issue these past few years. It’s why a Google headline about crypto is sure to stir the pot again.

Google announced it is revamping its advertising policies on cryptocurrency. The company has advised advertisers and agencies to study the changes. They also emphasized that complying with the changes is critical.

The updates will revolve around Google’s cryptocurrencies. It also affects its policy for advertising crypto Coin Trusts. The update will reportedly be in effect by January 29, 2024.

Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts allow investors to trade shares. They can do so in trusts with large amounts of cryptocurrency. These trusts give investors equity in crypto. They do this even without having direct ownership. It’s what makes them interesting to people who want to build a diversified portfolio.

The upcoming updates will reportedly describe the extent of the ads for Coin Trusts. It will also list Google’s requirements for this.

This means agencies focused on the US will be able to promote their products and services. They can do so as long as they follow the specific policies in the new requirements. They also have to secure certification from Google.

The policy changes aren’t limited to the US. They’ll also apply to global accounts pushing Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts.

Google also had some reminders in the recent announcement. The company reminded advertisers they’re obliged to follow local laws. They need to do this in the areas they’re showing their ads. The company said violating the new policy for the first time will result in a warning. Advertisers could have their accounts suspended if they’re not compliant.