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A few words from the apes, monkeys, and various primates that make up the Cheeky Monkey Super Squad.

As National Women’s Day swings back around, we’re celebrating the wonderful monkettes who help to put the “Cheeky” in Cheeky Monkey Media. From herding all the monkeys, to flinging pixels across a screen, and sealing deals with a smile, these ladies help keep our digital jungle swinging. 

Treena sitting at a table outsideTreena Bjarnason

The Cheeky Monkey | CXO

Leading this troupe of incredible ladies, Treena is the mastermind behind the madness and has been here since Cheeky Monkey Media’s inception. Her constant energy and enthusiasm keeps everyone motivated and in good spirits day in and day out. A career favorite for her was working with the ladies from the Drupal Association. With 3 years of working closely with them, they have retained friendships to this day.

Treena is a bookworm, with a love of physical books rather than their digital counterparts.  In her time off you can find her on the couch with a glass of wine and a good book. Speaking of wine, she is our resident wine expert and has been working in the wine industry since 2005! She has quite the passion for wine and loves to talk about it, drink it, and learn as much as she can about the entire industry. Equal to her love of wine, is her love for Vegas and the Vikings. Rick and Treena have been to Vegas upwards of 50 times and continue to love it!

Danielle Thornton

Lab Monkey | Producer

Meet Danielle, our project powerhouse. She’s also known as our queen of multitasking, deadlines, and efficiency. Whether she’s cracking the whip on deadlines or working through creative solutions with our team, Danielle’s got the magic touch that keeps our projects on track and our clients coming back. 

When Danielle isn’t busy keeping things moving, you can find her out with her family adventuring in the wilderness, tearing it up on her dirtbike, or getting a new piece of ink tattooed. She can also be found exploring the local food, winery, and brewery scene with friends and family on weekends, and is everyone’s go-to for a recommendation for a good local spot. She’s also a culinary queen and is constantly creating new dishes for her family,


Ashley Olsen

Pixel Flinger | UX Design

As our unicorn of User Experience and Project Coordination, Ashley not only envisions the future of our clients sites, but also keeps projects moving forward daily. Armed with a passion for accessibility she makes sure that your website is looking and functioning to its fullest potential before we even begin development. After development, her keen eye for detail ensures that the final product looks and functions how she, and you, envisioned it.

She isn’t just creative in her work life, but also in her home life. As our self-proclaimed 27-year-old grandma, you can find her either crocheting up a storm on weekends or getting creative trying new bread recipes (she makes a mean cinnamon bun). When she’s not getting creative, you can find her down at the beach with her nose buried in a mystery novel, or flying out to Manitoba to visit friends, family, and her dog.

Siarra Stefan

Brass Monkey | Sales

When it comes to sealing deals, Siarra will make it happen. Siarra’s ability to build strong relationships and communicate the value of the services we provide is an asset to the sales team. Her passion for making sales is infectious and she’s not afraid to pick up a phone and make a cold call.

When she isn’t working hard on opportunities, you can find her exploring the local outdoors with Tucker, her trusty golden retriever sidekick. She can also be found making chunky knit blankets for friends and family while listening to true crime podcasts. She also loves to get out of the house and play baseball and basketball with friends.

Mackenzie Bjarnason

Gorilla Marketer | Social Media Marketing

Last but certainly not least, meet Mackenzie, our social media maven. Since joining the team in January, she has made quite the impact with our social media channels. Her talent for creating captivating imagery and effective captions is unmatched. The entire Cheeky Monkey team is excited to see how she continues to grow in her role as our Social Media Marketer.

As a cinephile and media studies student, she’s seen every Wes Anderson movie and can be found frequenting the indie music scene in Vancouver. She’s a huge fan of 70s and 90s rock and her passion for fashion is a reflection of her musical interests. Living in Vancouver, she’s always on the look for the best eateries and breweries to satisfy her foodie cravings.

Here’s to the ladies who keep this jungle in tip top shape this National Women’s Day!