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One of the grooviest things about working in the tech industry is the ability to work from almost anywhere. Your home, the office, a coffee shop, perhaps warm tropical places. All we need is access to the Net (we would take the fishing kind too), and we are good to go!

For those of us with children, this is a great way to earn a pay cheque and have time to deal with parenting duties. Home offices are great, but the distractions can add up pretty quickly. We often debate the productivity of working from home versus coming into the office. I still cannot say either way which is a better environment for positive results.

Having the choice of work environments is uber handy. There are days when Mother Nature decides for us that we will not be driving into the office. At least we can still get work accomplished, regardless of the weather/road conditions. Then there are days when you just need to get out of the house to save your sanity. Changing your “scenery” can boost your mood, and increase your productivity. Plus, it is just plain nice to be around fellow adults (if you are riding the kid train that is).

Simply put, I would like to thank the Internet for providing us with new options for facing the work week. Whether it is helping you spend more time with your family, or allowing you to work by the pool in Hawaii, it’s pretty great isn’t it?!