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One of the great things about being a creative agency is the number of amazing ideas that we get to hear. Literally every day, we are having conversations with our existing and potential clients about building their future.

However, what oftentimes comes as a shock, is that we are not always on board with every idea that comes to us. I think that sometimes it is easy to think of us as just doers and not thinkers. After all, we are experts in design and development. But for us, our design and development skills are a bit of an afterthought.

You see there are a lot of people that can design or develop. Some may even be better than us. Yet what makes us unique, and really what you should be most interested in, is our ability to strategically solve your problems using technology. Our ability to think.

There is always more than one way to solve a problem. This is especially true in tech. Should you use WordPress or Drupal? Create a mobile website or a native app? The possibilities can be daunting, to say the least. And in many cases, it is hard to know what is the best solution unless you live and breathe this stuff every day as we do.

That is why, when you come to us with a project we are willing to question you. We respect that you have spent time and resources in planning it out, however, we are not going to assume you have the right solution in mind. Instead, we are going to question your thinking. Dive into your thought process and really find out what your ultimate goal is. Then we are going to give you a suggestion.

Unless we take the responsibility of ensuring that you are doing the right thing for your company, we can not, in good consciousness, engage with you on a project. In short, when you work with Cheeky Monkey Media, expect to be questioned. We won’t be questioning you because we want to, instead, we will be working WITH you to find the best solution. No one knows your business as well as you do, but technology is our business and we are here to work with you to find the best experience for all of us.

To learn more about our services, and how we can work with you to make your dream a reality, contact us at [email protected].