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Raise your hand if you are excited about DrupalCon?! This monkey is so excited. Some of us from Cheeky Monkey Media will be attending DrupalCon|Portland Monday through Friday! We’ll get to connect with some of you and really get to learn a lot about Drupal (more than we already know). We are going to spend the week boosting our Drupal skills and spend the rest of the year impressing our customers with what we’ve learned. We believe it’s important to further our skills, so we can do the best for our clients.

Here are some reasons we love DrupalCon

  1. All Drupal all the time.
  2. Meeting with other Drupal developers.
  3. A chance to network with other drupalites.
  4. 15 professional pieces of training led by world-class drupal trainers.
  5. Get ideas for future projects.
  6. Chance to mingle with our own monkeys!

Other Reasons We Love Drupal

Reason #7 -We Love Beer-


Reason #8 -A Chance To Wear a Cool Nametag-


Reason #9 -Cool Booth Setups and Networking-


So it’s fair to say that we’ll have a lot of fun this year at DrupalCon!

If you see us there, make sure you connect with us!