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We’ve made no secret about our love of Drupal as a content management system, and Drupal continues to grow each day, improving in power, performance, and dependability. The latest news in the Drupal community proves that it has finally developed some powerful e-commerce chops. Drupal Commerce, the leading e-commerce company on Drupal, recently announced that it has skyrocketed past 300,000 total downloads.

What does this mean? Increased performance and reliability for Drupal sites as a viable system master the platform in a large enough way to accommodate any style of business or transaction that website owners could need.

Mike O’Connor, president of Commerce Guys’ North America operations is quoted in a press release saying, “We are seeing adoption of the Drupal Commerce platform continue to expand beyond traditional concepts around retail. It’s exciting to help propel eCommerce innovation through our technology.” This is significant because, “eCommerce is increasingly complex: Drupal Commerce provides the platform to display a slew of different images and viewpoints, product descriptions, pricing, integrated social media activity, while managing different languages and currencies— and enabling accessibility on a multitude of web-enabled devices. Drupal Commerce’s ease-of-use also frees up marketing teams who no longer have to phone IT to update their eCommerce shops.”

As e-Commerce continues to morph in the rise of mobile technology and increased capabilities, Drupal stands poised as the CMS platform best prepared to handle your business needs. Commerce Guys and Drupal Commerce are just one additional tool among our many monkey wrenches and a great example of Drupal’s continued promise in 2013 and beyond.

What commerce needs do you have with your Drupal website?