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The great thing about the Drupal community is that they are always giving back or thinking of others. Back when the government in the United States shut down, a lot of gov’t employees went without work. Until this small Drupal agency put together a website that helped furloughed gov’t employees find work.

The monkeylicious amazing part of this website is that it was put together in five hours. The Drupal agency (Blen CORP) really utilized technology and rocked the website scene. Click here to see Blen CORP’s website. 

Here is a brief introduction to a recent interview with this Drupal agency that created the website.

The type of individuals that used the site mostly lived in the DC area. Some were also contractors who lived in other states. Some people using this site even lived in other parts of the world.

One of our favorite parts of the interview is this section when the Drupal shop was asked about whether or not the shop was really built in five hours. Here is their answer.

“We love Drupal because of its architecture, extensibility, and proven ROI for its users. The core is maintained by some of the best PHP developers and technical architects in the world. Its hook system allows developers to use it as a framework for almost any application one can conceive of. There are thousands of modules that are easy to install and well maintained at a centrally located repository. Tools like features and Drush make it easy for a systems administrator to manage and deploy Drupal sites. Once we realized how we wanted to help furloughed employees, we naturally turned to Drupal to implement it.”

The monkeys at Cheeky Monkey Media share this story with you because 1. It’s beautiful 2. It’s a great example of the Drupal community coming together and also the true beauty behind Drupal.

We hope to bring you many more stories like this over the holiday season, monkeys, so stay tuned. Oh yeah, you can find the rest of this drupaltastic story here.