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One of the most challenging things for a website owner to do is to design and post content from a mobile device. One issue is that content takes a while to upload through mobile networks. In addition, content produced on mobile devices is limited.

Laptops and desktop computers are much easier to use when posting content, but as far as carrying one on the go, not so much. However, on the other hand, although mobile devices may prove to be practical for an on-the-go lifestyle, they are not easy to post content from. So, what’s the monkey solution?

Thankfully, Acquia, a provider of Drupal Web CMS services, has just come out with a code for designing iOS apps where you can post content straight to a Drupal website. This will be a great solution for those who need to post content through a mobile device.

Drupal Create was built by the Drupal developer WorkHabit. In addition, there is a free Drupal iOS software development kit which is available through GitHub. Through this kit, developers are able to design and use their own Drupal apps. Doesn’t that just sound monkeylicious?

Acquia is creating a Drupal Create codebase so web developers can design their own content-building apps. This means that it will become easier to post content from a mobile device. The various features will be using the camera, geolocation, or social media.

This should be a great improvement and hopefully will develop into better changes with Drupal. If this proves to be successful, there will be more improvements to come with these types of apps.

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