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Drupal has a reputation for being a very complex system to use and it’s difficult to make great-looking sites. The last statement is very wrong, some very interactive and amazing sites have been created using Drupal, and there are no better examples than the ones from the game industry, be it from a specific game to a studio or groups which support the game industry.

Specific Game Sites

Each of these sites below looks great and all make use of the multiple language capabilities of Drupal

Star Trek Online

I really liked how this site came together, and plus it helps I’m a fan of the game (when I have free time)

Champions Online

The cartoon feeling of the game really comes through in the design of the site.

Never Winter

Neverwinter is a continuation of the NeverWinterNights series, this time it’s an MMORPG developed by Cryptic

Star Wars The Old Republic

This is a game about someplace a long long time ago, doesn’t really make sense to me, it’s no Star Trek. 🙂 (So continues the Star Trek vs Star Wars battle between me and Rick)

Game Studio


Cryptic Studios is responsible for Star Trek Online, Champions Online, and the upcoming Never Winter title. They have gone all in with Drupal as their platform for all their web properties.

Game Industry Related

GamePolitics News

GamePolitics is part of the ECA group of websites that focus on being an advocate for the game industry and all the politics around gaming and the internet.


GameJobs is a website that helps people find jobs in the game development industry. These are just a few examples of what is happening with Drupal in the Gaming Industry and we are looking forward to finding more to add to this list! Live Long and Prosper! 😉


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