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In your wildest dreams did you ever think Drupal and social media would tie the knot? Let’s face it, Drupal and social media are like monkeys and bananas. They simply go well together. Anyway, let’s break it down on why these two go so well together.

According to “Social media is one Brobdingnagian of a trend that is impacting millions of lives across the globe every day. And if you don’t agree with it, you are probably from Mars! Don’t take us wrong but social media is such an impactful phenomenon that ignoring it on Earth is next to impossible. Taking a cue from this immense popularity of social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, businesses are exceedingly adopting social reforms as a quick and effective way to communicate with a large audience base and lure them towards their service offerings.”

So that is pretty awesome, Drupal is uber popular and so is social media. One reason they go so well together. Right?

How else can Drupal and social media start going well together? Drupal has a kick-ass blogging capability. That means you can use Drupal knowing you are going to be also using a blog. See? Perfect matrimony right there!

Okay, so you got some good content going…Drupal even comes with a commenting section! Ha! What do we mean there? Well, you can have a comment section put on your blog because doing it with Drupal is super-freaking-easy.

What about Facebook and other platforms? Well, Drupal allows you to integrate other social media platforms into your website. So, you can utilize social media from all angles. Take that apes!

Alright, with these fabulous social media & Drupal tips, your website will be off on its honeymoon in no time. After that, you’ll be having lots of Drupal website babies. Okay, too much? We’ll leave with this…

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