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I am completely covered in a “tech” rash since we last communicated. No matter how much I scratch and apply cream, I simply cannot stop the itch. I think I may be allergic to the lingo that is still flying around the office, and perhaps my chair… or maybe just sitting? What a strange thing to do all day. Maybe I should just recline on my floaties.

Since I am not exactly assimilating to my new “environment” as quickly as I would like, I have taken to writing down all of the things I don’t understand. It is probably no great shock that I have hand cramps and claws fingers subsequently. Seriously. But it is very helpful for me to visualize the words that make no sense, and the “old-fashioned” writing them down is soothing to my non-techie soul.

My Developer to English Dictionary is coming along nicely with the one small, tiny hiccup… I’ve put most of the tech words in, BUT I have no translations as of yet! (Editor’s note: all complaints directed at the Marketing department will hereafter be met with in-office mocking and redaction. So sayeth the Overlord.) Hmm… that is a bit of a problem I suppose.

I have learned a few things, though. CMS is a “content management system”; BUGS are NOT crawly, creepy, many-legged, to-be-stomped-on things; and, a BLOCKER is – oddly enough – exactly what it seems: something that gets in your way. I have many, many blockers on a daily basis. Haha… go figure! (Editor’s note: that is an appropriate use of the term, Treena. Your progress is encouraging.)

I am very proud of myself for these small victories, though! All of us who are “challenged” in this alien tech world should rejoice with every bit and byte that we learn, and most importantly, retain. Oh, and I can turn my laptop on all by myself now! That was a “big girl” step to be sure. YAY ME! (Scratches and applies more tech-itis cream.)