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So I have recently discovered that I LOVE Google docs. Once I figured out how to navigate through the system, which has taken me basically six months (sigh), I realized how handy it is to have all of this documentation to reference. I really enjoy the “sharing” feature of Google docs as well which is something I never thought I would say!

I also am having an affair with Google Calendar…what a great relationship that is. It’s there when I need it, sends me reminders that I desperately need when my brain cells have left the building, and also keeps me connected with everyone in & outside the company. Genius. I particularly enjoy the fact I can see what my bosses are up to with their shared calendars (Tee time anyone?)

Google has definitely geared its features toward people like me who need some simplicity thrown in the tech mix, and I “cheers” to that on a daily basis (like I need an excuse to have a glass of vino). For the first time since I started my position in this confusing, alien world, I feel like I could possibly keep my head above water – without my floaties – mini victory for sure. THANKS, GOOGLE PEEPS!