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Have you ever heard of CKEditor? Well, come to find out; it has been chosen as the default rich text input method for Drupal 8. Those who have developed CKEditor are thoroughly excited about being picked as the default editor for Drupal.

Keep in mind that Drupal 8 has not yet been released. It is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013. Again, Drupal is frequently mentioned as one of the top open-source content management systems out there.

If you would like to read a more in-depth analysis of this news update, then please feel free to visit the original news source here.

We love this story because it shows all of the great things being done with Drupal. Cheeky Monkey Media has been working with Drupal since the beginning, so we’ve watched it grow and grow and grow! Of course, we are doing everything we can to keep on the popular CMS as well.

Some of you might not even know what exactly Drupal is and that’s okay. Start by reading this informative post on Wikipedia about Drupal. If that’s not enough to solve your Drupal cravings, then make a regular stop for yourself in the mornings.

The next time we catch news updates like CKEditor being chosen for the rich text input method for Drupal 8, we suspect you might know what we are talking about.

That’s it for this short and sweet Drupal news update. See you on Friday for the Blog Round Up!