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Not everyone who sets out to be a designer or drupal developer is successful. While this is unfortunate, it also shows that there is a lot more to developing than just knowing how to work a computer.

If you want to be a successful website designer, then you have to have what it takes. Here are the main attributes of a successful designer or developer:

Customer Service

Who would have thought that customer service was so important, even behind the computer screen? The job of a web developer or designer is to make the customer happy. After all, you are working on their project and trying to bring out the best in their website.

While working with some customers isn’t always easy it is necessary. Customer service is not about being walked over, but it is about treating the customer like they are important and listening to what they want. The customer has a vision, but you are the one who puts it all together.


A successful web designer or developer has to have talent. When it comes to creating only highly functioning websites with stunning designs it can only come from the best. Some are born with natural talent, but others have worked incredibly hard at it.

No matter how you obtain it, one thing is for sure. Talent is the main attribute of successful designers.


Most designers and drupal developers work independently or freelance. If you work on either of these platforms, then you have to have some sort of motivation and drive.

There cannot be someone on the other side of the screen poking at you to get things done. Meeting deadlines is one of the most important things you can do as a developer.  If you struggle to constantly meet deadlines, then you might struggle to be one of the top designers or developers in the industry.

Do you have the drive it takes to meet deadlines? If so, then you have one of the top attributes that are sought out in successful designers and website developers.


In all honesty, things do not always go smoothly when you are working in Drupal development or any other type of designer field. You might have one goal in mind, but then something else pops up.

When it comes down to it, perseverance is a very successful attribute. You have to be willing to push through the hard stuff, so you can be victorious in the end.

What attributes do you look for in a designer or web developer?