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Want to hear some exciting news? Yep, it’s about Drupal. This company is helping more and more companies. Recently, one of the biggest school districts in the country saved a bunch of money because of Drupal. In fact, their software costs were reduced from 90 dollars a student to only one dollar a student. How did they do this, you ask? They designed a set of applications built on Drupal and replaced some of their licensed tools which reduced over 50 of their own applications. Eighty-four schools and 800,000 students benefited from Drupal’s platform. You see, one Drupal platform decreased the maintenance, training, and updates, which saved over a million dollars a year. Now that kind of savings is something to go bananas over!

NewMedia, a web development company is using Drupal to transform school districts, state governments, and other large companies.

Steve Morris, who is the Director of Business Development at NewMedia says, “Drupal itself cannot run a billion dollar enterprise, but it can link together and control the things that do and interface many of those things along the way.  It can be a stand-alone entity that does things all by itself or a connector for five other entities, so they can all work together.  It can be a controller of five other entities and run them all at once, by modifying it in new and previously unintended ways. That’s the flexibility of Drupal.”

Another example of how Drupal has helped a larger company is The University of Colorado. NewMedia transformed their 7000-page website and what used to take five full-time people now only takes one person who only works twenty hours a week. What a transformation! The University of Colorado is not turning back to its old ways; instead, they are proactive in supporting Drupal and encouraging other educational institutions to do the same.

Another company that has recently become a fan of Drupal is Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (woo hoo! Monkeys love rollercoasters!) NewMedia also helped this company transform its website and in turn, cut its website costs.

Drupal is on the road to helping more companies with more efficient and cost-friendly websites. The support they provide is like no other. The future of Drupal is exciting! I can’t wait to hear what’s next.