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Drop your peanut butter and banana sandwich and listen to me for a minute! Yeah, that’s right. More monkey news! This time it’s about tips and tools for developing your website and we all know that monkeys can benefit from their websites. Hear me out!

The Basics

Do you know the basics, monkeys? I mean, the basics of web design. I am talking about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even Photoshop. If you are unfamiliar with any of these terms, you need to start at square one. Lifehacker night school can help you with this. Educate yourself about these basics and then move on from there.

Your Font Library

What does your font library look like? Yes, you need to have one! A great font library is a great asset to your website. What is your favorite font? Mine is Serifs, but you need to use what you like!

You Don’t Always Need to Be Original…

Yes, I said it. And I mean it!  Very few monkeys actually come up with their own original ideas. Most ideas come from other monkeys! And that’s fine. This goes with web design too. You should not feel like you need to come up with an original design or code. There are plenty out there that you can use.

Use Photoshop

Photoshop has been around for a while and is not going anywhere. You can add your own spin to it by adding new brushes, shapes, and more. There are all kinds of new options for you!

Free Resources

There are all kinds of free resources you can use monkeys! You don’t need to draw your own picture. You don’t need to design your own format. The internet is filled with free resources for you to use with your website. Take advantage of these if you can find them.

Developing your website will be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Utilize the resources you can find and make your life easier!