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Who doesn’t want a better website experience? Monkey, monkey, monkey! Your ultimate goal as a website owner is to bring people back and to make it an awesome experience so they come back! So, check out these 5 helpful tips for building a better website experience for your users.

#1 CMS

CMS is one of the first things you should pay attention to when it comes to building websites. Most people would agree that content management systems like WordPress and Drupal are perfect for companies. These platforms are easy for the whole team to use.

#2. User Experience

As a monkey using a computer, try and make your website perfect for your audience. Whoever you want to attract, make it easy for them to use. Don’t get all complicated on them!

#3. Develop a Voice

You will notice we talk about monkeys a lot around here. Well, that’s our voice and our brand. Make sure your website has a language that your users can understand.

#4. Engagement

Use anything to make it a pleasant experience for the user. Videos and images are a perfect way to engage your users. Remember once you get them to your website, you want to keep them there.

#5. Utilize Social Media

If your user likes what they see, then they are going to share it with others. Monkey, please make it easy for them to share with others. Add social media icons if possible and share buttons where you’re able.

All of these five tips will help make your customer’s user experience a lot better. Reading tips like this only makes us better website owners, right? If our team can help you on the Drupal aspect of building a website, feel free to contact us here.