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Let’s get down to monkey business. Everything you do in life doesn’t require a degree. In fact, there are some awesome things you can teach yourself. Some of our monkeys taught themselves all about Drupal, web development, and web design. Let us dig in to a couple of skills that would be totally awesome to teach ourselves.

#1. Photography and Photo Shop

Learning photography and photo shop will really help you to expand your artistic horizons. Picking up these skills will help your technical side as well. You will be able to understand angles, designs, colors, and more. Not everyone will ace this skill, but it’s a great one to learn.

#2. Development and Design Skills

Who doesn’t want to improve their already incredible Drupal web development and design skills? Sure, you might already know a lot about “development” but why not go further? It doesn’t cost anything to shadow someone else and be a learning monkey on their back. There are also skills you can learn from workshops, meetings, and online classes. You do not need a teacher sitting in front of you telling you what to do.

#3. Learn All About Coding

Maybe you know a little about coding or maybe you’re way behind on this subject matter. Coding can allow you to create cool technical things. Without the skills of coding, you can’t build apps and tools. Of course this is also something cool to teach yourself because then you are even more marketable in the job department than before.

Alright so these are three kick butt monkey skills that you can learn on your own. The world is only going to become more technologically advanced, so why not take advantage of being able to teach yourself an awesome skill? Happy self-learning monkeys!