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If you're ready to start treating your website like the living, breathing, biggest results-driving asset that it should be, it's time to supercharge your web team with WebOps. Find out how this agile approach to web development keeps your site optimized and eliminates the need for a big relaunch.

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WebOps: The Evolution of Website Development & Management

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It's common knowledge that technology changes and improves on a constant basis, with new updates being introduced almost daily. Traditionally, companies would have to wait out their existing website before upgrading in their next rebuild. It was easy for websites to become outdated in terms of design, technology, SEO best practices, and even messaging.

WebOps is the alternative. It creates a more unified, goal driven approach to website management, and allows for quicker adaptation to market changes, audience feedback, technology advances, and business growth.

The approach relies on a highly collaborative team of people with different skill sets, all working together to acheive company website goals. With a singular purpose and a wide but complementary set of skills, a WebOps team is able to handle many changes, iterations, and upgrades without having to completely tear down and rebuild a website.

An efficient WebOps team can prolong the life of an existing site, and keep expensive redesign projects far in the future. Through ongoing evolution of a site, it eliminates the need for a costly redesign cycle that many companies deal with when it comes to their website.

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The Northern Lights College CLIMB Centre is a project funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre, designed to understand how to support Mid-Career Workers. The College's Department of Continuing Education needed to create a user-friendly WordPress site for the CLIMB Centre - a site that would have users complete surveys and collect sensitive data that would be shared with BluePrint ADE and Future Skills Canada until 2021.



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My Poppy - Legion

Founded in 1926, the Legion is Canada's largest non-profit Veteran support and community service organization. Every year, The Royal Canadian Legion conducts the Poppy campaign, along with thousands of their members who volunteer from coast to coast to coast, to raise funds in support of Veterans and their families. Your generous donations are invaluable.




Tourism Calgary

Tourism Calgary (TC) needed help maintaining their website - from drupal updates to functionality improvements. With a focus on ongoing web services, Cheeky Monkey Media (CMM) was the perfect partner to help TC perform regular website maintenance, training, fixes, and enhancements.